Introducing the R2 Network: Addressing the Nation’s Disaster Response & Resiliency Challenges

10/11/20201:00pm EST1 hour
With the COVID-19 pandemic and rising natural disasters, strengthening response and resiliency innovation is as critical today as ever. The EDA, in collaboration with NIST and FirstNet, created the Accelerate R2 Network challenge to help address the nation’s most pressing disaster response and resiliency (R2) challenges with innovative technologies.

A public-private partnership between RapidSOS, Responder Corp, Orleans Parish Communication District, and Western Fire Chiefs Association was awarded the grant last month. Now, the partners are working together to form a national, free-to-use, and self-sustaining Response & Resiliency Network that brings stakeholders together for a common goal: to support innovators and agencies in empowering first responders with the tools and technologies they need to stay safe and protect our communities.

The R2 Network will consist of a three-part approach:
● R2 Learn: Resources to educate entrepreneurs and public safety departments on the unique challenges and opportunities of the public safety markets.
● R2 Portal: An online solution innovators and departments can use to source, vet, and commercialize or deploy new technology.
● R2 Connect: Programming and events to create strategic exchange and enable the community to share, learn, and adopt best practices and new technology.

Join this webinar to learn more about the R2 Network, how it benefits both first responder agencies and entrepreneurs, and share your feedback and ideas for how to make the network the best it can be.

Panelists include:
● Michael Martin, CEO, RapidSOS
● Bryce Stirton, President, Responder Corp
● Tyrell Morris, Executive Director, Orleans Parish Communication District
● David Van Ballegooijen, General Manager, Western Fire Chief Association
● Emily Miller, Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration