R2 Connect - Bringing Innovators and Life-Savers Together

In-person and online engagement for the R2 community to share, learn, and adopt best practices and new public safety technology.

Industry Insights from R2 Network Events

“This is an opportunity for people to bring their own experience to a common platform where we’re free to be innovative but also align that innovation with resources”

Tyrell Morris
Tyrell Morris

Executive Director

Orleans Parish Communications District (OPCD)

Industry Insights from R2 Network Events

“Entrepreneurship in any format is challenging, and working in public safety is extraordinarily challenging...so building together this community of people & experts to take on those challenges together, is just a very big deal.”

Michael Martin
Michael Martin



A New Feature Every Month

Every month The R2 Network will launch a new feature alongside curated content from industry experts.

April - Building Life Saving Solutions for Public Safety

Content dedicated to helping companies scale and reach a wide audience

April 21st: #FireSideChat
How to Scale Your Public Safety Solution (Virtual)

May - Education and Insight for Innovation

Content dedicated to providing informational and educational opportunities for the R2 Network Community

May 26th: #SuccessStory
Culture is King - Learning How to Navigate the Unique Public Safety Landscape (Virtual)

June - How to Maximize Public Safety Events

Content dedicated to maximizing national, regional, and remote public safety events.

June 15th: #FireSideChat
Events on a Budget: How to Strategically Exhibit at Events (Virtual)

July - Finding New Technology

How to modernize your department's technology and fill capability gaps through innovation

July 27th: #SuccessStory
Staying Innovative and Adapting with the Technology Needs of First Responders (Virtual)

August - Funding New Technology

The Ins and Outs of Applying for Grants as a Public Safety Startup

August 10th: #FireSideChat
Lessons Learned: How to Avoid Critical Mistakes When Applying to Federal Grants (Virtual)

September - Innovation Challenges, Programs and Opportunities

How to take Advantage of Programs and Win Challenges

September 28th: #SuccessStory
Access Funding; How to go after Innovation Opportunities and Challenges (Virtual)

October - Introducing Venture Capital (VC's) For Public Safety

Securing Venture Capital Funding in a Unique Niche

October 12th: #FireSideChat
Navigating the Public Safety Venture Capital World - Advice from the Experts (Virtual)

November - Exploring Requests For Proposal (FRP's)

How to identify the right government RFP’s at the local, state and federal level

November 16th: #SuccessStory
Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned from RFP Insiders (Virtual)

December - A Year in the Making

A Reflection on Our First Year and a Look Ahead to Year Two

December 16th: #SuccessStory
Celebrating the Inaugural Year of the R2 Network (Virtual)

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